About Mindfulness


Definition of mindfulness: Present moment awareness, without judgment, on purpose

Awareness itself is the primary currency of the human condition, and as such it deserves to be spent carefully.

Sitting quietly in a serene environment, letting go of the various petty disturbances that roil and diminish consciousness, and experiencing as fully as possible the poignancy of this fleeting moment – this is an enterprise of deep intrinsic value, an aesthetic experience beyond words.

– Andrew Olendzki, “Busy Signal”


Definition of heartfulness: The felt sense of truth

In the Pali and Sanskrit languages, the word for mind and for heart is the same: Citta

In MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction) we develop our meditation practice to become intimate with this heart-mind, the source of wisdom, compassion, and peace.
The hope is that by the end of the eight-week class, we understand these definitions as one feeling, one integrated way to live.

Beth Summerl

Mindfulness practice changed my life.  My days were deeply stressed and prickly.  I didn’t realize there was an option.  With mindfulness practice, life has smoothed out.  I’m happier, calmer, and it’s so much easier to smile, no matter what.

I’m committed to making these simple practices available here in Orange County, CA.